Unlike the coldness, dullness of a traditional dental clinic or the sophistication of an over-decorated modern style, this dental clinic brings out the essence of a simple, stress-free space by its rustic hand-painted coating, original structure of the ceiling, and tones of smooth curves. Colors of low chroma sooth patients’ anxiety and turn a nerve-wracking dental visit into a comfortable and enjoyable one. Pure and warm hues also make dentists feel more at ease in a fast-paced, high-intensity work environment. A solid, friendly foundation is the key to developing a long-term trusting relationship between dentist and patient. It is not just a dental clinic, but a place that brings all cozy elements together to create a home-like feeling during the treatment.

In the duplex house, the gentle and unperturbed texture of the interior slowly flows outward through the large open floor-to-ceiling windows on the first floor, allowing patients to ease their anxieties gradually through a gentle visual view when stepping into the buffer zone of the clinic from the outside.

  • 房屋坪數: 70坪
  • 設計風格:混搭風格
  • 房屋類型:新成屋
  • 空間格局:店面
  • 主要建材:實木木皮、義大利特殊漆、鍍鈦金屬、灰鏡、盤多磨、進口系統板