【DECO TV】兩代情譜寫劇本,型格俱美的絕色空間

The Name of Sewing/ 以縫紉之名

Sewing may be applied to footwear and garments.
Time can be remembered and continuing ticking.

The design concept for this residential space was derived from the homeowner’s precious memories towards her cobbler father, as the boots which her father made for her 45 years ago that are well-cherished in the display cabinet. She became a fashion designer later on, where “sewing” became a connection between father and daughter. This project used several fashion design elements to demonstrate the diversity, creating quality conflict. Her father used to play musical instrument, hence chandelier in the shape of the trumpet is applied to concretize her missing emotion of her father, building a continuing connection of space and time for them.

The living room and bedroom are optimized, while the dining room is presented in the form of a side table. Allow the slightly coarse and low chroma cement base to highlight the collections with stories, as well as create a different quality as compared to common residence. The homeowner has also collected a half body mannequin from the 18th century, and stands it by the wall behind sofa as if it is an artwork for display while also symbolizing the passion towards her own career. The television wall used titanium plated panel with stainless steel frame and glass bricks on both sides to create visual transparency and depth of field. The black track lights and exposed pipelines on the ceiling, creating a unique modern industrial trend with the specially made light fixture.

The kitchen used a massive amount of titanium board decorations, while the side table is integrated on the column, forming block-faced integration with the cement sculpted wall surface, where the special patterned wood texture and the metal complements each other, such that the ceiling subverts the imaginations towards the kitchen. The shimmering metal and cement blurred the border of style to perform a dreamy space. Symmetry is not the emphasis on the unique parts where different materials combine together. The greatest unique part to this project is depicting the borderless spatial design, accomplishing the contrast between coarseness and exquisiteness, endowing strong visual conflict while featuring memories and qualities of the residents.




心。新 平衡

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